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Right-to-Work Opt-out Letter

MEA members please visit MichiganUnionOptOut.com to print your opt-out letter. This letter will allow you to opt-out of the MEA but the MichiganUnionOptOut.com letter is specifically tailored for your union.

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It is recommended that you mail copies of your opt-out letter to your local union, employer, and international union via certified mail. If you would like to include the address for your international union’s headquarters please click here:

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April 10, 2021


To Whom It May Concern:

I am an employee at and am in the collective bargaining unit of . By this letter, I am seeking to immediately and permanently exercise my rights under Michigan’s right-to-work law, MCL 423.14(1). Therefore, I seek an immediate end to any union dues or agency fee withdrawals being made from my paycheck. I hereby revoke any dues authorization form previously signed; if the authorization cannot be revoked at this time, this letter is to serve as a revocation as soon as it is legally permissible.

To the extent that it is necessary to resign my union membership to effectuate my rights under MCL 423.14(1), this letter also serves as a resignation from the union and any of its affiliates.

Notify me immediately in writing if you are unable or unwilling to allow me to effectuate these rights, and provide me with the legal justification for that refusal.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.





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